Growth Modification or Malocclusion

Growth modification at the correct time can result in a broad beautiful smile, an excellent functional bite and a full face with a beautiful jaw line and profile for your child.

Malocclusion is also known as a ‘poor bite.’ Growth modification is the first stage of early treatment for malocclusion. Growth modification can only be done when the jaw bones are still growing and it is most effective during growth spurts.

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Growth modification will change the position, shape, length and width of the jawbone, often using the following orthodontic devices:

  • Headgear
  • Herbst
  • Bionator
  • Palatal expansion

These appliances are used to cause the lower jaw to grow in a forward direction and cause the upper jaw to grow in a backward direction. They can also allow for the expansion to the upper arch. These appliances are used to correct the relationship between the upper and lower jaw. Many children who begin growth modification in second or third grade will be finished with orthodontic treatment by the start of high school. Treatment is most successful in young children because they are much more receptive to wearing the orthodontic appliances and to the treatment.

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