Drill Free Dentistry

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Many people fear the dentist for many reasons; they may hate the sound of the drill or fear anesthesia and needles.

Drill-free air abrasion dentistry at Today’s Dental of Boxborough is for you. Air abrasion Dentistry is a drill-free technique that removes tooth decay, prepares teeth for bonding, and remove old fillings and stains.

Perfect for children and people with dental anxiety, it is sound- and vibration-free. It requires less anesthesia in many cases, and involves much less noise allowing patients to relax during their dental procedures.

Drill-free dentistry is aluminum oxide particles which are sprayed under high pressure to painlessly remove decayed tooth structure on small cavities.

Advantages of air abrasion dentistry:

  • Leaves more of the healthy tooth
  • Reduces the risk of chipping or fracturing the tooth
  • No heat, sound, vibration, or pressure
  • Reduces use of anesthesia
  • Quick procedure
  • Treats multiple teeth in one visit
  • Easier to place composite fillings

Drill-free dentistry helps children and those with dental anxiety. For more information, contact Today’s Dental of Boxborough.

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